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how do you upload a halo 3 video to your fileshare?

Francisco R

New member
Hello i recently recorded an xbox live match and i can play it through the theatre option of the game's main menu but i have no idea how to upload it to fileshare. if i play another match, the previos video will delete and it will save the most recent one instead. also when i try to select fileshare and upload a clip or film it says i dont have any to share. can anyone tell me how to work this thing? thanks in advance!!!



New member
It's not very difficult to upload your Halo 3 video to your fileshare. You can watch this video, you will learn it's very easy to do it.



Record the gameplay and move the video file to your Xbox 360 or computer. Trim and edit using Movie Maker or Final Cut Pro then create a Waypoint account and upload your video.