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    i am from greece and we are supposed not to have online.there are people who have.ive got a wii router.if i buy the wii equipment that they sell will i be able of getting online?
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    best movie ever?

    do you think that halo movie is going to be one of the best science fiction films ever produced or that it will fail?
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    do you care about gamescore?i mean i used to care but then i said that whats the point in getting achievements?if i had less than 900/1000 i was angry now i have got 300/1000 and i just dont care
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    good 100

    (1)The first one who reaches 100 posts in this thread is the winner.
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    skill problem

    i have a problem in playing halo3.i dont know what it is but what i know is that in halo1 and 2 i could not be beaten.in halo3 a friend of mine who plays halo3 all the time lost with 25-24 score and i used to beat him 25-8,9 in halo1,2.whats happening?yesterday i played from a net halo1 in the...