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  1. Hexagonian

    What's the last Halo Game you played?

    I haven't played the halo 4 I only played the halo wars 2 and halo wars Awakening.
  2. Hexagonian

    What's your favorite sports?

    I am a big football fan as well and I am a Barcelona Stan as well, what's your favorite football team?
  3. Hexagonian

    Halo Wars 2: Awakening The Nightmare

    Some DLC'S are much more interesting and have a better defined story than the original release games like OlliOlli has dlc which is even more interesting than the original.
  4. Hexagonian

    Halo 2 or Fortnite?

    To be honest the halo 2 is my favorite halo game and I wouldn't and I wouldn't trade it for fortnite maybe I could for call of duty.
  5. Hexagonian

    When do you like playing Halo games?

    I could play videogames in the early hours of the morning before I get around to do anything, I just like to play videogames anytime I feel to urge to.
  6. Hexagonian

    How many missions in the game "Halo: Reach" am I forced to do solo?

    You are meant to do the Exodus and lone wolf mission solo.
  7. Hexagonian

    where can i download the song from halo reach "deliver hope" add?

    You can check it out on Spotify they got a good variety of songs and playlists on the site.
  8. Hexagonian

    what should i get "HALO REACH" OR "CALL OF DUTY WORLD AT WAR"?

    I am an halo fan as well but I enjoy playing call of duty more so if I am asked to choose I would go for call of duty war.
  9. Hexagonian

    How hot does an xbox 360 get?

    When I had a Xbox 360 it doesn't get to hot though and it would only get hot if you are booting a video game that takes up a lot of space.
  10. Hexagonian

    God of War Ragnarok have been released

    This is good news , I have been anticipating this game for a couple of months now, good thing it finally out and that would be such a good way to end the year for video games.
  11. Hexagonian

    how do i play halo ce online (pc)..?

    When your games are not loading online try to reboot your system or take it the CD and insert it back in.
  12. Hexagonian

    First Experience?

    I Started with halo wars then I went back to playing Halo 3 and I got booked to the series.
  13. Hexagonian

    Will HALO 3 be the best game ever released?

    Halo 3 won times game of the year award and it was a well deserved award since the video game performed tremendously well.
  14. Hexagonian

    Halo 3 Pre order?

    Since I started playing videogames I haven't pre-ordered any video game and I just wait until it is officially released and out before purchasing it.
  15. Hexagonian

    Whats a better game overall BIOSHOCK or HALO 2?

    I am a big BioShock fan and I also played halo 2 and I would say that BioShock is way better in terms of overall Game performance.
  16. Hexagonian

    can you use a regular xbox 360 controller with your computer or do you have...

    I haven't tried to use my Xbox controller on PC but I don't think they are compatible though and you might just need to get a specialized one.
  17. Hexagonian

    Gears of War 2

    For sometime I was a big fan of gear of wars but after gears of war 3 I just lost interest in the franchise and I haven't played any other games off the series.
  18. Hexagonian

    XBOX 360 headphones?

    I use the JBL headset for most of my video games I doubt if that's similar to the one you are using.
  19. Hexagonian

    Xbox 360 Or Nintendo Wii?

    I'm more of an Xbox fan than a Wii fan , so I would most definitely settle for the Xbox 360 console.
  20. Hexagonian

    What should i get ...original XBOX 360 or XBOX360 Elite?

    I used the original version when I had an Xbox 360 but I heard the Xbox 360 elite is still as durable and the original version.