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  1. UniqueSara

    Halo 3 Videos on Youtube?

    Get a free open source for windows like 4k video downloader or a clip converter for downloading videos in various formats. The best I have use to download quality movies are YouTube premium but you must subscribe on it.
  2. UniqueSara

    How do I get my recorded Halo 3 videos onto my computer without using a capture card?

    You can use Xbox 360's transfer features, just go to settings and select all the movies you want, then click on transfer to computer or you can insert a USB flash drive to your Xbox and copy to the USB flash.
  3. UniqueSara


    I love reading, playing games and watching movies. Movies have been my best for some times now. I am a big fan of cartoon, horror and sci-fi movies. I can also dance too though it wasn't what I do everyday.
  4. UniqueSara

    Have you started planning for Halloween 2024 yet?

    Over here, there's nothing like Halloween. Yeah, we have our own method of celebrating and Halloween wasn't part of them. I always watch Halloween movies and that's where I learnt how it is done. Halloween is coming soon and I am eagerly waiting for the newest movie that I will watch about it.
  5. UniqueSara

    Is the video game Halo 3: ODST a good game?

    Halo 3 ODST a good game and it's worth the money paid for it. I have enjoyed the game as much as I want. It's visuals are stunning, it has excelled in various aspects which made it a great title in the gaming path.
  6. UniqueSara

    how do you upload a halo 3 video to your fileshare?

    Record the gameplay and move the video file to your Xbox 360 or computer. Trim and edit using Movie Maker or Final Cut Pro then create a Waypoint account and upload your video.
  7. UniqueSara

    Which video game takes more skill? Halo 3 or World of Warcraft?

    Both require skill but in different ways. Halo 3 requires accurate timing and effective use of abilities and weapons while World of Warcraft needs strategic, long-term, and tactical thinking and teamwork. World of Warcraft requires more skill than Halo 3 and needs to be persistent to be better...
  8. UniqueSara

    How do you turn your Halo 3 saved films/clips into video files on your...

    You can transfer the saved files from your Xbox 360 to the computer using a USB drive or the Xbox 360's built-in file transfer feature or you can launch the converter too and select the saved files you want to convert.
  9. UniqueSara

    How do you feel about Halo Infinite two years after its release?

    It made a nice game for all gamers including me. Halo Infinite was a fun game for me, I enjoyed it but I always hope that it's potential will be better with future updates and improvements.
  10. UniqueSara

    What would you like to see in Halo Infinite?

    Halo Infinite has a multiplayer mode but it doesn't have a storyline, I will love to see a storyline in the multiplayer mode. I need to also have more armor sets, weapon and vehicle skins.
  11. UniqueSara

    What's your favorite social media platform?

    I also love Instagram. I love watching the beautiful celebrities and their family, and the videos they always post. The content that's created on Instagram is top-notch, the gossip is second to none. The only reason I hate Instagram is the way it drains my data.
  12. UniqueSara

    Do you use wallet or purse?

    Women always love purses either the young ladies or the older ladies. They like to have separate purses for all their possessions. You will see the purse for makeup, the purse for cards and money, the one for showing off and so on.
  13. UniqueSara

    How are you finding Halo Infinite compared to previous Halo games?

    I played and completed the game when it was launched. I love every about Halo Infinite Game's franchise. The game is interesting both the shooting and the many guns available for action
  14. UniqueSara

    When was the last time you played Halo Infinite?

    Halo Infinite was one of my favourite games. In 2021 when it was launched, I played it very well. Even though I completed the game, I will still love to play it again if I got the chance.
  15. UniqueSara

    What's your favorite mission in Spartan strike?

    Mission 4: The Great Escape and Mission 25: The Final Push have been my favourites. The great escape have a lot of action which the player can use many skills to escape.
  16. UniqueSara

    Do you think Master Chief had any vulnerabilities?

    Despite his advanced machine, his reliance on those armor and weapons can make him vulnerable when the machines are damaged or disabled. He may also face some situations where he lacks the necessary resources to complete his objectives and sometimes he might not have the strategic expertise to...
  17. UniqueSara

    Where are you from?

    I am posting this from Nigeria. I am a Nigerian and I am living in Nigeria. I love my country but I have always love to travel outside my country especially to visit Canada to see many wonderful things. I have also hope that I can make friends from there too.
  18. UniqueSara

    How do you feel about this?

    I prefer someone telling me that he/she will get back to me or send me text that we will talk later that you are busy than ignoring me messages. I won't lie, I used to feel very bad when someone ignores me. The worst of them all is being online and updating your status, making me to look like a...
  19. UniqueSara

    Which Spartan is your favorite?

    Master Chief is very good but Linda -058 has being my favourite because she's very strong. I always love sniper killing and she's a good at sniper scout and always hit her target than others.
  20. UniqueSara

    The Best Halo 4 Player in The world

    I am not that good in playing Halo 4 and I'm not bad either. I can rate myself 55% as a good player. This guy might have being consistently playing for a long time now and I guess that's the reason for him being the best.