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  1. Shortie

    What’s the best way to improve your aiming and shooting skills in Halo?

    Having good aiming and shooting skills in Halo whether it be in the campaign or the multiplayer can often help you either succeed or fail, making many attempts to either get a win or complete part of a campaign. When you are looking to improve your shooting and aiming skills in Halo, what do...
  2. Shortie

    How do you approach different game modes in Halo multiplayer?

    If you have played Halo multiplayer in the past, you will know that there are many different game modes that you can play depending on what takes your fancy or the kind of gameplay you are looking for. When it comes to playing different game modes in Halo multiplayer, how do you approach them?
  3. Shortie

    What are your top tips for new players in Halo Infinite?

    Halo Infinite is a free-to-play multiplayer game that many gamers still play to this day. I would imagine there are more and more new players coming to Halo Infinite all the time, some of which may have never played a Halo game before Halo Infinite. If you came across a new player in Halo...
  4. Shortie

    What new gameplay mechanics would you like to see in future Halo titles?

    Halo has been an amazing series and we have seen many different mechanics come to each game release right the way up until Halo Infinite. Let's say another game was announced in the franchise, what mechanics would you like to see in a new Halo title?
  5. Shortie

    Which Halo game has the best multiplayer maps, and what makes them stand out?

    We have seen many maps in all of the Halo games, some of which we can call our favourite and others which we would rather avoid if we were given the chance. Of all the Halo games, which multiplayer maps would you say were the best? What made them stand out to you and choose them as your favourite?
  6. Shortie

    What are your favourite and least favourite weapons in the Halo series?

    With each Halo game in the series, we have been greeted with some great weapons and some weapons that are not so great. When it comes to all the weapons we have seen in the Halo series, which would you say is your favourite and which would you say is your least favourite? What are your reasons...
  7. Shortie

    How do you think the relationship between Master Chief and Cortana will evolve in future games?

    There is no news about any new Halo games soon but let's think about if a new Halo game were to be released, what would the relationship between Master Chief and Cortana be like? How could it evolve in possible future games? What would you like to see the relationship between Master Chief and...
  8. Shortie

    Favourite All time Movie?

    I am not a huge movie watcher anymore but I used to watch a lot of movies when I was younger. One of my favourite movies of all time is Dirty Dancing closely followed by Gone in 60 Seconds. I can always remember how I never watched Gone in 60 Seconds until the movie was almost 10 years old...
  9. Shortie

    What's your homepage

    At the moment, my homepage is the website I use the most for the news so that I can keep up to date with everything that is going on both in my country and around the world. Before I made it the news website, it used to be Pogo.com but I found I stopped using that so having it as my homepage...
  10. Shortie

    Favourite fast Food Place?

    My favourite fast food place out of all the places I have eaten at in the past would have to be KFC. There is something about KFC that I just love and their food is amazing. Sadly it's increased in price by a lot so I don't tend to get it as much as I used to but it's nice to get as a treat when...
  11. Shortie

    How many PC's do you have?

    At the moment we have a PC that my eldest son uses, a PC that my daughter uses, a gaming laptop that I use, and we also have a PC that my two younger sons have in their bedroom and they have a laptop that they share too. We find we get on great with having those to use.
  12. Shortie


    McDonald's is great but I always find their food is better for a lunch meal than a main meal. I have been loving the frappes that McDonald's has been releasing, at the moment we still have the Bischoff frappe but I know on the 28th of June, it will be changing to the Oreo Frappe and I am...
  13. Shortie

    What's the last Halo Game you played?

    The last Halo game I played was Halo Infinite back in 2021 I believe it was when it was released. I remember it was released with many issues in the beginning and I ended up moving to other games. I need to jump back on now to see how things are, many seem to play it a lot and have a lot of fun.
  14. Shortie

    What's your favorite sports?

    I have a few favourite sports, some I enjoy playing and some I enjoy watching. When it comes to playing, my favourite sports are football and tennis. When it comes to watching my favourite sports are football when there are international tournaments, tennis, and snooker.
  15. Shortie


    I at the moment have an Android phone but I have used an iPhone in the past. The one thing I find annoying about the iPhone is that you have to pay for the storage whereas with Android they tend to come with 128GB of storage straight out of the box. iPhone is good, that is the only gripe I...
  16. Shortie

    Laptop vs. desktop

    It depends on what I am doing as to whether I prefer a laptop or a desktop. When gaming, I much prefer to use a desktop PC but would not be against using a gaming laptop so that I had that ease of being able to not have to sit in t he same place all the time, having that change of scenery.
  17. Shortie

    Do you play cryptocurrency based games?

    I had heard that there were cryptocurrency-based games but they are not something I have checked out and played myself. From reviews I have seen, it would seem that it takes a lot for you to play these games and see anything out of it.
  18. Shortie

    my goal.

    It is not too often you see a Halo forum but I am glad I found this one. Halo is still going strong with Halo Infinite being the latest game. I haven't played much Halo Infinite but when I have more time, would love to jump back in.
  19. Shortie

    Where are you from?

    I am from England, UK. I was born and raised here and I still live in the same town I was born as well. I have often thought about moving away from this town to somewhere else but with most of my family being here, that has always pushed me to stay.
  20. Shortie

    What 343 Got Right in Halo Infinite's Campaign: A Fan's Perspective

    I was going to take a look at the video but it seems it is no longe available. Not sure if it's because of the region or if it was deleted on YouTube. Halo Infinite is a great game, but I do hear many say how they would love to see changes and even a campaign.