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  1. Chibu

    XBOX 360 headphones?

    I wish to have had a wireless headset. I only used wired headphones and it was a bit restrictive. Wireless headset is the best accessory to play video games with.
  2. Chibu

    Gears of War 2

    I really enjoyed playing all Gears of War series. With regards to Gears of War 2, it's a good upgrade from the first release to the game. I'm playing Gears of War 5.
  3. Chibu

    Halo 2 or Fortnite?

    If you have played Halo 2 that game out in 2004 and Fortnite which came out in 2017, which one would be your best game and first choice to play? Fortnite might have good graphics but I would go for Halo 2.
  4. Chibu

    Nobody can beat my friend at Halo Reach 1 v 1...?

    No one is unbeatable in any game. Your friend might be very good but he's yet to meet his equal or even his master in the game. I would never brag about how good I am in any game that plays 1v1.
  5. Chibu

    Halo 1 or Halo 2????? (ON XBOX [not 360])?

    Halo 2 is a better upgrade from Halo 1 which was the first release of the game. Halo 1 didn't disappoint either because I also enjoyed playing every bit of the game.
  6. Chibu

    Would you let a 13 year old boy play halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, and Reach?

    Yes of course, I would very much allow a kid of 13 years old to play any of the Halo games. It's a game genre that's good for kids. Even though it's gots some shooting in it, it's safe for a 13 years old consumption.
  7. Chibu

    Do you like halo 1 and 2 on xbox?

    Why? It's not like the games Halo 1 and 2 are bad releases? I prefer Halo 2 over the first release but that never made it a bad game. I enjoyed playing them.
  8. Chibu

    Did you use any cheat in Halo 2?

    My brother is the best cheater that I have ever seen that's playing the Halo games. There's no way he would play without using cheats. How he comes to know about them still shocks me.
  9. Chibu

    Call of Duty: World at War

    You're right about the game being very old but it's actually when Activision Blizzard was putting more effort into making the COD games. I enjoyed playing the game.
  10. Chibu

    Is their a halo movie out or coming out?

    What's the name of the Halo movie that you're talking about? Let me see if it's available on Netflix for me to start watching it immediately. I love Halo games and I'm sure the movie will be a good one too.
  11. Chibu

    Anyone want to play Halo 3: ODST?

    I'm going to decline getting in on this one because I have played it like 5x. I need something new to play or maybe I should just go back and play Halo Infinite all over again.
  12. Chibu

    Is there any way to get all DLC Halo 3 maps?

    You can buy the DLC from ebay but it's going to be a disc. I think that I saw one on ebay sometime ago. If you're lucky, you might see who still have it listed.
  13. Chibu

    Did you complete your Halo 3 100%?

    Yes, I managed to complete playing Halo 3 100% just once. I would have loved to play the game again because I had it rushed to meet up with the other video games I needed to play at the time.
  14. Chibu

    Do you drink when playing Halo games?

    I always have the habit of getting and drinking energy drinks whenever I'm playing Halo games. My favourite energy drink for playing Halo Infinite is Monster Energy Drink. It keeps me very active for the shootout.
  15. Chibu

    How many missions in the game "Halo: Reach" am I forced to do solo?

    It's only Lone Wolf and Exodus that I can recall of. Personally, I really enjoyed playing the solo play in Lone Wolf because I'm more good at playing alone.
  16. Chibu

    what to do with it

    As a collector like myself, I wouldn't bother with trying to sell it but rather I'm going to hold onto it as one of my favorite collections.
  17. Chibu

    New skin?

    It's always good to have your skin changed once in a while. It gives you a very good new look and ready for combat.
  18. Chibu

    Chibu Here!

    Hey gamers! I'm Chibu and Xbox is my favourite video game console. I had Xbox 360 and Xbox One years ago. Now, I'm playing on Xbox Series X. I'm happy to be here.