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Which video game takes more skill? Halo 3 or World of Warcraft?


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I believe Halo 3 requires more skill, but my friend is arguing that WoW is a more skillful game. I think he's insane.


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Wow doesn't require skill, it requires ALOT of time, nothing else. I mean, a level fifty in wow can destroy a level 10 but that's because he spent alot of time leveling and getting items, no skill required. In halo, everybody is equal, regardless of items so only the skillful advance, not those with alot of time on their hands.


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In my opinion, I believe that both Halo 3 and World of Warcraft requires skills to play it. But I think that it's more on the side of Halo. As for WOW, you have to be very persistent with playing it otherwise you won't best it.


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I enjoyed playing Halo 3 and I'm a big fan of the game. But I'm going to side World of Warcraft in this case as being the game that I required more skill to play. I'm writing anything off from Halo 3.


Both require skill but in different ways. Halo 3 requires accurate timing and effective use of abilities and weapons while World of Warcraft needs strategic, long-term, and tactical thinking and teamwork.

World of Warcraft requires more skill than Halo 3 and needs to be persistent to be better at it.


I would have to say that Halo 3 takes more skill. Halo 3 and World of Warcraft are two completely different games that are played in different ways.

Both games take a certain kind of skill they are just different types.