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Which bug did you experience in playing Halo Infinite?


New member
Bugs ams glitches are very common with video game and Halo Infinite isn't an exception to this common development with games. In the mission where you gather data from different towers, I couldn't access the towers because it keeps saying Hacking Unavailable Enemies Nearby but there's no enemies nearby. I'm currently stuck there.

Which bugs did you experience in the game?


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I haven't experienced so many bugs when I was playing Halo Infinite apart from a few glitches here and there. There are some freezing but it's not serious that breaks the game.


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Unfortunately, I have not started playing Halo Infinite. I planned on purchasing the game earlier this year but I couldn't as a result of lack of funds. Maybe by next year, I will buy the game. I hope there will not be any serious bugs in it by then.


I played Halo infinite at my friend's place a few weeks ago since I can't access my PC due to a breakdown , for the first few minutes everything was fine and only experienced a glitch from his PC not the game but I'm sure he has fixed that now.


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There are good and bad glitches in Halo Infinite. Some can be very funny while some of them are frustrating.

In this video, you get a full breakdown of the best glitches in Halo Infinite.



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I haven't started playing Halo Infinite at the moment even though I have purchased the game on my Xbox Series X.

Once I start playing it, I would know the kind of bugs or glitches I would encounter in the game.