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XBOX 360 headphones?

kobe b

New member
My earphone is off the rest of the part. It was only connected to 2 little wires one is like bluish/greyish and the other is black. Can you tell me where they go so I can glue them.Or maybe open up yours and take a pic or if you can find me one on the net.


New member
I wish to have had a wireless headset. I only used wired headphones and it was a bit restrictive. Wireless headset is the best accessory to play video games with.


I never used any headset for my Xbox 360. But now that I'm using Xbox Series X, I'm using Corsair HS75 XB Wireless Headsets and it's a very good headset.


New member
I use the JBL headset for most of my video games I doubt if that's similar to the one you are using.
This is exactly what I'm currently using for my own console. Although, it wasn't what I used years ago for my Xbox 360 console. I have forgotten about the name of the headset.