Halo Talk

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Trying to start this one!


New member
OK, as I see this section is empty, I'll try to jumpstart it lol. Post some of your Halo screenshots ;] Share em' with everyone! Cheers!


New member
I don't have any at the moment myself. I'm not very inspired when it comes to that type of thing, but maybe I'll try later. Can't wait to see other posts, though. :yes:
i am going to take screenshots will post soon as i get in the mean time consider seeing this one i found :)



New member
OMG! Thats SO amazing. I'm loving that mate. Please share other great screenshots like that too.
Thanks :D


New member
Gee thats a sweet screenshot, did you find that on bungie? Well I play more of Counter-Strike so I'll take a few screen shots when I'm playing ;D


New member
I'm still waiting to see anyone's screenshot of progress on their Halo Game. I have one on Halo Infinite and I'm going to post it immediately I see other's posts 😂.